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Grow your business with ChatBot Marketing

Just getting started with conversational marketing? Learn the best practices in leveraging messaging, chatbot, natural language processing, and other conversational design, by checking out the insight we’ve learned from working with our clients.

Benefits of ChatBot

Increase Conversions

WPBot is proven to increase conversions by specifically targeting language to different audience demographics, curating information for each user on otherwise static websites. The homepage is crowded place. Get visitors the specific information they need without having to read through your whole site and answer all the questions they need to convert. WPBot also qualifies users and leverages live chat to convert them while they are on your site.

Understand Users

Gather nuanced preferences and demographics from anonymous users so you can better nurture them throughout the sales funnel. Use the data to curate the user experience and personalize your marketing strategies. All user responses are saved in their user profile which can be downloaded to Excel or ported via API to your CRM systems or marketing platforms.

Enhance Lead Generation

WPBot is proven to gather over 33% more leads than contact forms. Instead of filling out an entire form, WPBot can gather data (e.g. e-mail address) and build customer profiles over time. Also, WPBot automatically qualifies leads, alerts the sales team when leads are on your site, and can direct different leads to different sales teams automatically, based upon their conversations—far improving your sales process.

Enhance Your Bots with Natural Language Processing

Predefined intents can work without integration to DialogFlow API and AI. These are readily available as soon as you install the plugin and can be turned on or off individually.

Build and monetize your audience

Conversational user experience is the future of technology. Enter ChatBot – a new way of user interaction that allows your website to connect with your users on a personal level while creating a more natural interaction that mimics the physical world. 24/7/365 ChatBot can provide Intelligent live chat support and interact with your users to provide site search, support, eMail or callback service. Use the bot notification and the on-site Retargeting feature to get user focus on a product or service that you offer. Increase customer satisfaction, Collect eMail addresses and reduce costs to scale and improve ability to engage users.


What Does ChatBot​ Offer?

  • Personalized, Persistent, 24/7 ChatBot
  • Plug n' Play, Easy and Quick
  • Artificial Intelligence & NLP
  • Onsite Retargeting, Exit Intent Popup
  • Integration with almost any 3rd party live chat
  • Embed WPBot on Any Site

Increase User Conversion with the ChatBot

Conversational marketing increases your ROI

Proactive + Available 24/7

Conversational marketing is proactive, triggering conversations on specific behaviors. Also, conversational marketing tools are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and able to answer questions as well as provide people with information they need when you’re not available.

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Better Understands Prospects + Clients

By “talking” to your users, you can gain a better understanding of their needs. WPBot remembers your prospects and customers’ preferences and then curates information about your products and services based on those preferences. WPBot also collects information over time to build robust user profiles.

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Dynamic and Adaptable

Conversational marketing is able to adapt on the spot, unlike static websites. This personalizes the experience and only asks necessary questions which increases lead capture. Every user has a one-to-one personal conversation.

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Lead Generation

WPBot has personal conversations with each visitor, launched based on user behavior. By asking for preferences, WPBot then curates information, leading to higher lead capture.

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Qualify + Auto-Route Leads

Through conversations, WPBot can better understand user needs, see if it’s a fit, qualify users and prioritize leads. WPBot then alerts the appropriate team for each lead. This creates efficiency in the sales process.

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Improve Support + FAQ

24/7 WPBot is there to answer prospect and customer questions. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and AI, WPB

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Reach more audiences, wherever they are

Broaden your reach globally with 20+ supported languages including Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Gather Detailed User Preferences + Demographics

Each time a customer chats with an ChatBot, all their answers will be saved in their user profile. All conversations are time-stamped and dated. Dynamically create user segments based on their responses. Target these segments with additional chatbots or with a personalized email marketing campaign. All information is available in an API that can be sent to your CRM systems, or can be downloaded into Excel.

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